Saturday, December 31, 2011

Jack Melick - Music by Melick

1. Chopin Eb Nocturne
2. Medley: It Had to Be You - My Blue Heaven - Sometimes I'm Happy
3. Baubles, Bangles & Beads
4. Josephine
5. About a Quarter to Nine
6. Mack the Knife
7. The Object of My Affection
8. Lisbon Antigua
9. Intermizzo
10. Rosetto
11. Waltz Medley: Melody of Love - My Isle of Golden Dreams - The Naughty Waltz
12. Spaghetti Rag

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Fred Lowery - A Family Christmas

Once again the season needs more whistling.

1. Silent Night
2. Let's Light the Christmas Tree
3. Robin the Reporter
4. This Is Christmas
5. Letter to Virginia
6. Christmas Medley
7. O Little Town of Bethlehem
8. O Come All Ye Faithful
9. Little Boy Blue
10. Away in a Manger

Friday, December 23, 2011

Tommy DeSalvo Plays from the Rim

1. Starwind
2. Farstar
3. Third Voyage
4. The Door into Rainbows
5. The Return (Freeworld)
6. The Hub
7. The Rim

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Redd Foxx - Uncensored 1995

1. Thanksgiving Day
2. Bye, Bye
3. Sex in the Dark
4. Cannibal Customs
5. Mink
6. Colored People
7. Mashed Potatoes
8. School
9. No Dogs Allowed
10. Miracle Golf
11. Slack And Pack
12. Sugar Ray Robinson
13. Facing the Truth
14. End Of The World
15. Horn Blowing
16. Well Pussy
17. Grand Central Station
18. The Hat
19. Tarzan's Yell
20. International Redd
21. Mop Bucket
22. Memories
23. Pregnant
24. War Stories
25. Goodies From A Nut
26. The Wrong Zipper
27. Old People
28. My Old Lady
29. 240 Big Ones
30. Dogs
31. Poverty
32. Ooh!
33. Joe Lewis
34. Confusions
35. The Dental Drunk
36. There Was
37. A Prayer

Friday, December 16, 2011

Henry Mancini - The Cop Show Themes 1976

1. Mystery Movie Theme
2. The Streets of San Francisco
3. Bumper's Theme
4. Medley: Kojak & S.W.A.T.
5. Baretta's Theme
6. The Rockford Files
7. Hawaii Five-O
8. Police Woman

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Nashville OST - 1975

This is has always been my favorite Robert Altman film. Nashville shows music as it exists rather than as it is described. Not as easy as it looks & it doesn't look that easy.

1. It Don't Worry Me - Keith Carradine
2. Bluebird -Timothy Brown
3. For The Sake Of The Children -Henry Gibson
4. Keep A-Goin' - Henry Gibson
5. Memphis - Karen Black
6. Rolling Stone -Karen Black
7. 200 Years -Henry Gibson
8. Tapedeck In His Tractor -Ronee Blakley
9. Dues -Ronee Blakley
10. I'm Easy - Keith Carradine
11. One, I Love You -Henry Gibson And Ronee Blakley
12. My Idaho Home -Ronee Blakley
13. It Don't Worry Me - Keith Carradine And Barbara Harris

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Arcadio Elias and His Famed Mariachi Nacional - Tequila! 1959

All the favorite melodies of Old Mexico... gathered together at last!

Tequila, the crystal clear, fiery national drink of Mexico is roughly equivalent to our gin or vodka, and with it you can even make a sort of sun-drenched martini, the Margarita (see recipe below).

Likewise, the mariachis, those happy little bands of Mexico, have their stateside parallels, too. In sound and spirit, they are somewhere between our polka bands and those smooth little groups playing for dancing in U.S. hotels. The typical mariachi has lots of spritely singing strings, a trumpet lead, guitars of assorted sizes, and sometimes, as in this case, an orthodox rhythm section. The result, at its best is a polished, light-bodied sound, pleasant to the ear, and here, it is at its best: the Mariachi Nacional is the finest of its kind and Arcadio Elias might reasonably be called Mexico's Lawrence Welk!

As to the tunes themselves, they are the most popular Mexican folksongs, loved around the world. Even though a title or two might not ring a bell at first, the melodies themselves will prove immediately familiar to almost every North American. And in a gesture of neighborliness, bandleader Elias has even included a couple of stateside standards, done up in delightful mariachi style.

Because this album brings together all these world-wide favorites of Mexican music for the first time, it is a particularly fine addition to the collections of schools and folkdancing groups. But it's equally appropriate for informal parties and friendly get-togethers when a kind of sunny, happy music is always welcome.

So mix up a nice, icy batch of Margaritas and give Señor Elias and his boys the floor; you'll find yourself whisked across the border in a trice, to a land of song and gayety. Salud!

Margarita -half jigger of Triple Sec, juice of 1 lime, jigger of tequila. Shake well with shaved ice and serve in a salted champagne glass...

1. Tequila!
2. Guadalajara
3. Cielito Lindo
4. Alla En El Rancho Grande
5. Rosa de San Antonio (San Antonio Rose)
6. La Golondrina
7. Jarabe Tapatio
8. Las Chiapanecas
9. La Bamba
10. La Varsoviana (Put Your Little Foot)
11. La Raspa
12. La Cucaracha

Friday, November 11, 2011

Dallas County - Dallas County 1970

aka where I'm from...

1. The Toll
2. Mad Dog
3. Small Vacation
4. Roads
5. Reflections
6. If We Try
7. Love's Not Hard to Find
8. Blowin' in the Wind
9. She Didn't Say Just Why
10. It Shall Pass

Friday, November 4, 2011

Auracle - Glider 1978

Trumpet, flugelhorn - Richard C. Braun
Woodwinds - Stephen R.F. Kujala
Mallets, percussion - Steven A. Rehbein
Piano, electric keyboards - John Serry, Jr.
Bass - Bill Staebell
Drums - Ron Wagner

State-of-the-Art, at least in records, has come to mean hundreds of hours slaving over a hot console, fine-tuning a click track to bring machined precision to the rhythms, artfully stacking overdubs (and punching out the flubs), tweaking a battery of outboard devices to further shape and cut the music.
These tracks are state of the art in a different sense, one paradoxically much older and, of late, making a welcome comeback: the art in question is performance, meaning the precision lies in the heads, hearts and hands of the players. The musicians comprising Auracle are young, but they're puting all their cards on the table first time out. They draw from a wide range of sources
and arranging styles, which will lead to some conflicting tags, but it's likely they'll slip as gracefully through those tags as they do through the fluid changes in their songs. No one here uses his vocal chords, and supplies words to explain the melodic sense of the songs, but Auracle sings just the same. Sam Sutherland - Record World Magazine

1. Columbian Bubblegum
2. Tom Thumb
3. Glider
4. Sno' Fun
5. Sleezy Listening
6. Kids' Stuff
7. Chez Amis

Monday, October 31, 2011

Network WhisperDisc 18 - Medium Tempo

A1-5. Struttin'
A6-10. Day Dreaming
A11-15. Chills & Fever
B1-5. Hero Sandwich
B6-10. Weekend Romance
B11-15. Rhapsody 54

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Network WhisperDisc 6 - Industrial

I still have no words to describe the baseball chaos witnessed Thursday night. Falling from the top of nirvana to the depths of hell is always a long fall. The Texas Rangers bandwagon may be emptying but true heads will maintain. Meanwhile... library music for everyone.

A1-3. Energy
A4-6. Choppin' Block
A7-9. Triumph
A10-12. Power Generator
B1-3. Industrial Revolution
B4-6. Perpetual Motion
B7-9. Assembly Line
B10-12. Mechanical Marathon

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tony Caspar - Take It Easy 1981

This post is dedicated to the blog E-mile Says Songs Do the Matter, home of wonderful posts like

11 Covers & one original
Three signs this LP is from 1981 = gold bracelet w/ first name, kick drum & of course truck drivin'

1. Take It Easy
2. Raining in My Heart
3. Proud Mary
4. There Goes My Everything
5. Jambalaya
6. Nights in White Satin
7. Ladies Love Outlaws
8. Walk on By
9. Memphis Tennessee
10. Have I Told You Lately
11. Good Hearted Woman
12. Truck Drivin' Boogie

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Floyd Cramer - The Magic Touch of Floyd Cramer 1965

With the heatwave over but the drought still here look forward to keyboards and kids this fall. There may also be homework but to maximize the learning experience you will be allowed to check your own work.

1. Chattanooga Choo Choo
2. For Those That Cry
3. Hot Pepper
4. (Theme from) Story of Three Loves
5. Suddenly There's a Valley
6. Sophisticated Swing
7. Marilyn
8. Shrum
9. Losers Weepers
10. Night Theme

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Flying Funk 2003

1. Nina Simone - Save Me
2. Nite-Liters - Afro Strut*
3. The Jimmy Castor Bunch - It's Just Begun
4. Weldon Irvine - We Getting Down*
5. Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes - Expansions
6. Gil Scott-Heron - Home is Where the Hatred Is
7. Queen Esther Marrow - Mama
8. The Loading Zone - No More Tears*
9. Nina Simone - Funkier Than A Mosquito's Tweeter
10. Harold Alexander - Tite Rope*
11. Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes - A Chance For Peace
12. Richard 'Groove' Holmes And Brenda Jones - This Is The Me Me (Not The You You)
13. New Birth - Got To Get A Knutt*
14. The Main Ingredient - Happiness Is Just Around The Bend
15. Bernard "Pretty" Purdie - What's Going On?/Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone*
16. Johnny Griffiths - Plane of Illusion*
* Remastered 2002

Sunday, August 14, 2011

22 High-Ballin' Hits 1976

True DJ's know sucker MC's break bad but old school truckers move mad weight.

1. Red Sovine - Phantom 309
2. Webb Pierce - Truck Driver Blues
3. Connie Eaton and Dave Peel - Hit the Road, Jack
4. Johnny Dollar - Big Rig Rollin' Man
5. Jim Gately - I Sure Like Your Truck
6. Roger Miller - King of the Road
7. Dave Dudley - Six Days on the Road
8. Conway Twitty - Truck Drivin' Man
9. Roy Drusky - White Lightnin' Express
10. Bob Wills - I've Got a New Road Under My Wheels
11. Jimmy Dean - Bumming Around
12. Jack Reno - Hitchin' a Ride
13. Michael Parks - Long Lonesome Highway
14. Ray Pillow - The Waitress
15. Henson Cargill - Take Me Home Country Road
16. Kitty Wells - My Big Truck Drivin' Man
17. Jim Nesbit - Tiger in My Tank
18. Hank Williams - Lost Highway
19. Johnny Exit - Dedication to the ATA
20. Tom T. Hall - A Piece of the Road
21. Bobby Edwards - Me and Old C.B.
22. Clay Hart - Another Day, Another Mile, Another Highway

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Boulevard Nights - Lalo Schifrin 1979

Nonchalant laughin at you non-factors chatterin. Thank you for speakin & keep up my name travelin. They say no comparison without bein arrogant. A rare combination... - Geologic

1. Street Tattoo
2. Dimelo
3. On the Boulevard
4. Take Another Chance
5. Chile Caliente
6. Chuco
7. Boulevard Nights
8. Dolor
9. Last Act

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Living Chicago Blues Volume 6 - 1980

It's been a rough month at the compound. First I had to lay off the quality control department then the fact-checkers all quit en masse. As a result all future posts will happen with 25% less facts and 50% less quality. This LP is one of six that were later packaged as four CD's.

1. If I Hadn't Got High - Detroit Junior
2. Some Nerve - Detroit Junior
3. Somebody to Shack - Detroit Junior
4. I Got Money - Detroit Junior
5. Somebody Have Mercy - Luther "Guitar Junior" Johnson
6. Got to Have Money - Luther "Guitar Junior" Johnson
7. Just Like Mama Said - Luther "Guitar Junior" Johnson
8. Look What You Done - Luther "Guitar Junior" Johnson
9. Going Upstairs- Queen Sylvia Embry
10. Blues This Morning - Queen Sylvia Embry
11. Tired of Being Pushed Around - Queen Sylvia Embry
12. Please Let Me Stay - Queen Sylvia Embry

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Jerry Fielding - The Gauntlet 1977

If it seems like you're seeing the same old crap from Hollywood this summer try something from back when you thought they at least tried.

1. Bleak Bad Big City Dawn
2. The Pickup
3. Exit Tunnel Roaring!
4. The Gauntlet
5. The Box Car Incident
6. Closer Look at a Closer Walk
7. The Black Sedan
8. Manipulation on the Center Divider
9. The Delivery
10. Postlude

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Stuff - Stuff 1976

Cornell Dupree - guitar; Gordon Edwards - bass, percussion; Stephen Gadd- drums, percussion; Eric Gale - guiter; Christopher Parker - drums, percussion; Richard Tee - piano, electric piano, organ

Produced by Herb Lovelle and Tommy LiPuma

RIP Cornell Dupree December 19, 1942 - May 7, 2011

1. Foots
2. My Sweetness
3. (Do You) Want Some of This
4. Looking for the Juice
5. Reflections of Divine Love
6. How Long Will It Last
7. Sun Song
8. Happy Farms
9. Dixie/Up On the Roof

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Eloise Laws - Eloise 1977

1. Baby You Lied 2. His House and Me 3. 1,000 Laughs 4. Someone Who Still Needs Me 5. Love Is Feeling 6. Number One 7. You're Incredible 8. Love Comes Easy 9. Forever Now

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lena Horne - Swinging - Coronet Records CX-165

Preparing to attend The 10th Texas Pinball Convention in Grapevine & just wanted to give some love to all the female MC's. Why? Well, to be honest we'll be lucky to get 5% female turnout. Pinball seems to be one of those things (kind of like crate digging) that's wired into the male psyche just a tad harder than the female one. Corrections welcome. Anyway, look for some female lovin' posts for the next two weeks or so. As Alicia Keys said when she was here at last year - THANK YOU ALL STAR.

First up on the musical menu is Lena Horne - you've heard her live from 81 now reach back to the 50's ?? to hear some studio work from a top five MC of her era. For those that don't know, Lena set the standard & raised the flag in her day and beyond. RIP Liz Taylor.

1. More Than You Know
2. Squeeze Me
3. Beale street Blues
4. At Long Last Love
5. Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen
6. The Blues
7. Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child
8. Frankie & Johnny

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Don "Jake" Jacoby - Jacoby Brings the House Down 1968

All arrangements by Larry Muhoberac, recorded at IRI Studio, Dallas, TX

Don Jacoby was born in York, Pennsylvania. He began playing the trumpet at age 6 1/2. His uncle, Arthur Ansorg, was his teacher. He became a soloist with the Spring Garden Bank in York at nine and continued to play there until he graduated from high school at 16. During this time he played for the Horn and Hardart Children's Hour on the radio station WCAU Philadelphia, then one year with the "Tasty Yeast Youth Pageant" over WJZ in New York (Don was selected from a group of 3,000 young entertainers). He then entered the Ernest Williams School of Music of Brooklyn, New York. During this time he soloed at Town Hall and Carnegie Hall. He graduated from college at 19 and entered the pop music field.

Don joined the Milt Britton Band at Loew's State Theater, Times Square, New York. He played for Van Alexander, Claude Thornhill, and in May of 1941 he joined Les Brown. Don remained with Les Brown until January of 1942 at which time he entered the Navy. He was stationed at Great Lakes Naval Station for two years. During this time he led his own band and performed with such noted artists as Andre Kostelanetz, Lily Pons, John Charles Thomas, Vladmir Horowitz, Nathan Milstein, Fritz Kreisler, Ferde Grothe and many others. While at the Great Lakes Naval Station, Jacoby was chosen as the "Star in Uniform" to perform with Tommy Dorsey on the Raleigh Cigarette program. In December of 1943 he married Doris Robinson of Waukegan, Illinois. He was with the Sam Donahue Navy Bank in the European Theater of operations for 13 months during which time his first son Mike was born.

Upon returning to the States, Don went to California with the Sam Donahue band to record "Command Performance", "Mail Call," etc. for airing to the troops overseas. With the advent of VJ Day, he was discharged from the Navy in Washington, D.C. and returned to Chicago to rejoin Les Brown. During this time he also worked for Benny Goodman. Jacoby decided to settle in Chicago and went on staff for ABC performing on first trumpet with the Don McNeill Breakfast Club for 9 1/2 years. Soon after joining ABC, Don's second son John was born, and then Bill, his third son. While in Chicago, Jacoby did many TV shows, including the Martin and Lewis Comedy Hour, the Ed Sullivan Show and numerous local shows: the Bob and Ray Show, the Danny O'Neill Show and the Tom Duggan Show.

Jacoby then worked for NBC and finally CBS. During the time he was at CBS he was associated with the Conn Band Instrument Co. He performed hundreds and hundreds of clinics and concerts with high schools and university bands in 49 states, Canada and Mexico. After doing the clinics and concerts for ten years, Don formed his own group and went on the road. While on the road the group performed at the Edgewater Beach Hotel in Chicago, the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas, the Theatrical Grill in Cleveland, the Statler Hilton in Dallas, the Tidelands Hotel in Houston, the Cabaña in Dallas, Pier 66 in Fort Lauderdale, the Mike Douglas Show and the Ruth Lyons Show in Cincinnati. He also did a concert tour with Bob Newhart, and made numerous concert appearances at universities with big stars. While at the Cabaña in Dallas, Don became very fond of the city and decided to move his family there and settle down. He appeared at the Executive Inn in Dallas for one year, and has just completed two years at Dallas' Village Club. During the last three years, Jacoby has done countless radio and TV commercials, jingles and commercial records. "Jacoby Brings the House Down" is his latest venture and everyone associated with the album believes it to be his greatest.

1. By The Time I Get To Phoenix
2. The Eyes Of Love
3. Theme From Elvira Madigan
4. The Heat Of The Night
5. Doo Dah
6. Jacoby's Theme
7. Since You've Been Gone (Sweet Sweet Baby)
8. (There's) Always Something There To Remind Me
9. Chain Of Fools
10. Sunday Best

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Boots Randolph - Boots Randolph Puts a Little Sax in Your Life 1978

1970's Boots > 1960's Boots

1. Movin' On Up (Theme from "The Jeffersons")
2. Relaxin'
3. Tie a Yellow Ribbon 'Round the Old Oak Tree
4. You Light Up My Life
5. Feels So Good
6. Love Will Keep Us Together
7. Southern Nights
8. Sanford & Son Theme
9. Fred
10. All the Things You Are

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Alphabet and Counting Songs - Happy Time Chorus 1963

It's been a season since I kicked it for the children. Now kids, I'm a counter; but make no mistake, alphabetizing is essential in taking reading and spelling abilities to the next level -mastering file creation and retrieval! Warning - Any griping about sound quality will trigger hours of film strip & VHS tape review. I would start with side one as Happy Time's side two starts to discuss what comes next - old age, traffic, clock watching and calendar page turning.
Added bonus to this lecture is the below transcription for Fork, Knife and Spoon. Little DJ's can chop up phrases like "got something to cut" or "my sharp edge cuts right through." Adults watch out for Mr. Fork, though. He seems to have a hidden agenda. Having said that, if anthropomorphic silverware can prevent one child from developing an eating disorder our children really will win the future.

1. The Alphabet Song
2. The Counting Song
3. Rockabye Baby
4. Alphabet Zoo
5. Hush Little Baby
6. Fork, Knife and Spoon
7. Time to Tell Time
8. How Many Days in a Year
9. Be Kind to Your Parents
10. Happy Do-Right
11. Do My Dolly

Now gather round children meet three friends of mine
Who will always be with you when you go to dine.
Just look on the table for a fork, knife and spoon.
Now they're gonna sing you ... The Table Manners Tune!

I'm Mr. Fork with points so sharp. I'm good for holding meat.
And if you handle me just right I'm sure to help you eat.
You first take me in your right hand just like you hold a pen.
And turn me til my points are up and stop try that again.
This is the way you should hold me for food like peas and rice
But please don't overload me cause it isn't very nice.
Now put me in your left hand. Turn my points down toward the plate.
And if you've anything to cut I'll keep it firm and straight.
Don't use me like a shovel. Never grab me like a ball.
And one thing more the back of me is never used at all.
If you'll remember what I've said you'll eat with ease and grace.
And Mom and Dad won't be ashamed to take you any place.

Now I am Mr. Knife and I'm might handy, but
I'm only used at mealtime when you've got something to cut.
Whenever you're not using me against the plate I'm laid.
My handle on the table thats for balancing my blade.
You hold me in your right hand with fingers wrapped around.
The finger that you point with along my back is crowned.
You never have to use me when you're eating corn or stew
But when it comes to meat you'll find my sharp edge cuts right through.
I'm only used for cutting food. I never pick it up.
You wouldn't want me in your mouth and then have to hiccup.
If you use me as I've told you my edge both sharp and keen
Will cut your food so neatly that your chin will stay quite clean.

I am Ms. Spoon and I come in two sizes
For soup, for dessert, and all sorts of surprises.
Like my brother the fork hold me in your right hand
Dip me gently in liquids. Now isn't that grand?
I'm built with a ball either oval or round
Which you place in your mouth never makin' a sound.
You can use me for stirring or eating ice cream
I'll pick up every drop and I'll leave your plate clean.

Now that is all that there is to it.
We all know that you can do it
We'll help you morning night and noon
I'm Mr. Fork... I'm Mr. Knife... and I..., I am Ms. Spoon.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Brass Fever - Time Is Running Out 1976

1. Time Is Running Out
2. Takin' It To The Street
3. Boogie On Reggae Woman
4. Mr. Tambourine Man
5. Dancing Machine
6. Pressure Drop
7. Summertime
8. Funky Carnival

Monday, February 14, 2011

Petula Clark - I Couldn't Live Without Your Love 1966

1. Strangers in the Night
2. A Groovy Kind of Love
3. Rain
4. Wasn't It You
5. There Goes My Love, There Goes My Life
6. Monday, Monday
7. Bang Bang
8. Homeward Bound
9. Two Rivers
10. Come Rain Or Come Shine
11. Elusive Butterfly
12. I Couldn't Live Without Your Love

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dr. Hook - Pleasure & Pain 1978

ATTN: 2011 Macks looking for new moves - Incorporate some Dr. Hook into your repertoire. When You're in Love with a Beautiful Woman is more advice for those who didn't believe Jimmy Soul. Clyde is recommended listening for bass players worldwide. Shel Silverstein count on this is five.

1. Sharing the Night Together
2. Sweetest of All
3. Storms Never Last
4. I Don't Want To Be Alone Tonight
5. Knowing She's There
6. Clyde
7. When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman
8. Dooley Jones
9. I Gave Her Comfort
10. All The Time In The World
11. You Make My Pants Want To Get Up And Dance

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ike & Tina Turner - Workin' Together 1971

1. Workin' Together
2. (As Long As I Can) Get You When I Want You
3. Get Back
4. The Way You Love Me
5. You Can Have It
6. Game of Love
7. Funkier Than a Mosquita's Tweeter
8. Ooh Poo Pah Doo
9. Proud Mary
10. Goodbye, So Long
11. Let It Be

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Doo-Wop Gold Volume One 197x

Can I help you?
Sure. I'm looking for doo-wop records.

No. Doo-Wop.
Do What?
No. Doo-Wop.
Let me ask someone else.

1. The Five Delights - There'll Be No Goodbye
2. The Willows - Church Bells May Rang
3. Don Julian & the Meadowlarks - Heaven and Paradise
4. The Genies - Who's That Knocking
5. The Crests - Guilty
6. The Pesters - I Laughed
7. The Paragons - Blue Velvet
8. The Scarlets - Dear One
9. The Jesters - So Strange
10. Shirley & Lee - Let the Good Times Roll
11. The Untouchables - Goodnight Sweetheart, Goodnight
12. Blue-Notes - A Good Woman
13. Blue-Notes - My Hero
14. The Hearts - Lonely Nights
15. The Valiants - This Is the Night
16. The Quin-Tones - Down the Aisle of Love
17. The Penguins - Earth Angel
18. The Moonglows - Sincerely
19. The Spinners - That's What Girls Are Made For
20. Maurice Williams & the Zodiacs - Stay
21. Crests - 16 Candles
22. Dixie Cups - Chapel of Love
23. Classics - Till Then
24. Bobby Lewis - Tossin & Turnin
25. Angels - Till
26. Maxine Brown - All in My Mind
27. Betty Everett - The Shoop Shoop Song
28. Harptones - Sunday Kind of Love
29. Mello Kings - Tonite, Tonite
30. Cascades - Rhythm Of The Rain
31. Ike & Tina Turner - It's Gonna Work Out Fine
32. Five Satins - In the Still of the Night
33. Gladys Knight & the Pips - Every Beat of My Heart
34. The Channels - The Closer You Are
35. Dobie Gray - In Crowd
36. Jerry Butler - Moon River
37. Dee Clark - Raindrops
38. Belmonts - Tell Me Why
39. Terry Statford - Suspicion
40. Capris - There's a Moon Out Tonight

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Versatile Burl Ives! 1961

Versatility is underrated - never turn down a 1$ Burl Ives LP.
Burl was so OG he could turn any song into a classic. Burl Ives is hip-hop.

1. Mockin' Bird Hill - nature
2. The Long Black Veil - death
3. Delia - murder
4. Forty Hour Week - labor
5. I Walk the Line - love
6. Royal Telephone - religion
7. Shanghied - kidnapping
8. Lenora, Let Your Hair Down - lust
9. A Little Bitty Tear - breakup
10. Oh, My Side - pain
11. Mama Don't Want No Peas and Rice An' Cocoanut Oil - booze
12. The Almighty Dollar Bill - money