Monday, April 27, 2009

Si Para Usted: The Funky Beats of Revolutionary Cuba, Vol . 1 2006

1. Juan Pablo Torres Y Algo Nuevo - Son a Propulsion
2. Irakere - Bacalao con Pan
3. Los Van Van - Y No le Conviene
4. Los Reyes '73 - Adeoey
5. Combo Tiempos Nuevos - De La Fiesta La Mejor
6. Grupo Monumental - Si, Para Usted
7. Tainos - Amor Mio
8. Ricardo Eddy Martinez - Tambo Iya
9. Orquesta Riverside - En Casa del Trompo No Bailes
10. Juan Pablo Torres Y Algo Nuevo - Y Viva La Felicidad
11. Juan Pablo Torres Y Algo Nuevo - Rompe Cocorioco
12. Los 5-U-4 - Baila, Ven y Baila
13. Sintesis - Con la Luz Del La Manana
14. Jorge Reyes - Pocito 11
15. Grupo Los Yoyi - El Fino
16. Grupo de Experimentacion Sonora Del Icaic - Sondeando
17. Mirtha Y Raul - Casina y Epidecus

Thursday, April 23, 2009

10cc - 10cc 1973

1. Rubber Bullets [Long Version]
2. Johnny Don't Do It
3. Sand in My Face
4. Donna
5. The Dean and I
6. Headline Hustler
7. Speed Kills
8. The Hospital Song
9. Ships Don't Disappear in the Night (Do They?)
10. Fresh Air for My Mama

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Disco Party: The Best of the TK Collection 1993

Happy Record Store Day. I did my part today. Do yours. Dig for vinyl. Dig for cassettes. Just don't stop.

1. T-Connection - Do What You Wanna Do
2. The Ritchie Family - Lady Luck
3. Foxy - Get off Your Ahh and Dance
4. George McCrae - Rock Your Baby
5. Peter Brown - Do You Wanna Get Funky With Me
6. Eli's Second Coming - Love Chant
7. KC & the Sunshine Band - Get Down Tonight
8. Ralph MacDonald - Calypso Breakdown
9. The Ritchie Family - Best Disco in Town
10. Connection - Disco Magic
11. Buzzy Bunch/Celi Bee - Superman
12. Jimmy "Bo" Horne - Gimme Some
13. George McCrae - Kiss Me (The Way I Like It)
14. Betty Wright - Where Is the Love

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Weird World of Blowfly 1971

One of funk's original masked supervillains stopped by Denton this past Thursday. If you don't know about the man with the odes to the procreation of God's creations you need to listen closer. These hymns can help you two put the fertility back in Easter. 1-16 OG; 17-19 from the 1995 reissue

1. Weird World
2. My Baby Keeps Farting in My Face
3. Hold on It's Running
4. Hole Man
5. The Eating Song (Yum-Yum)
6. Shitting on the Dock of the Bay
7. To-To-To-To-To (The Fart Song)
8. I Don't Want No Woman to Give Me Nothing
9. The Eater
10. Spermy Night in Georgia
11. Odd Balls
12. Baby Let Me Do It to You
13. It's a Faggot's World
14. A Child's Dick
15. The Sperm Is Gone
16 Outro
17. Jingle Fuckin' Bells
18. Queer For The New Year
19. Fonky Party

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Young Black Teenagers - 1990

Never Black, no longer young but still backed by the Bomb Squad. They kind of lost whatever remaining credibility they had when the second LP's big single was "Tap the Bottle", a celebration of drinking out of the bottle complete w/ instructions. Trust me, the only guy that can pull off singing about food or drink is Weird Al.

1. Punks, Lies & Video Tape
2. Korner Groove
3. Traci
4. First Stage of a Rampage Called the Rap Rage
5. Nobody Knows Kelli
6. Daddy Kalled Me Niga Cause I Likeded to Rhyme
7. Chillin' Wit Me Posse
8. Mack Daddy Don of the Underworld
9. Loud and Hard to Hit
10. My TV Went Black and White on Me
11. Proud to Be Black
12. To My Donna
13. My Color TV