Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Animal Band - Animal Rock 1998

1.  Dreams And Jelly Beans
2.  Roller Coaster
3.  First Step
4.  Unicorn
5.  Shake
6.  Change
7.  What Would You Do?
8.  Looks Like Rain
9.  Dreams
10. Animal Jam

Monday, November 11, 2013

Bobby Patterson - I'd Rather Eat Soup - 1998

1.  I'd Rather Eat Soup
2.  Drink from Your Own Well
3.  Talk Show Blues
4.  When the Licking Stops
5.  This Time
6.  Charity Begins at Home
7.  Money Is a Terrible Thing to Waste
8.  My Weakness Is You
9.  It Ain't All about the Sex
10. I'm Going Out Tonight
11. Grandma's Hands (aka Mama's Hands)
12. Drink from Your Well (Club Mix)

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Lone Star Presents Texas Best Bands Volume 1 Girls, Rock & Volleyball

Happy Born Day, Murrica! 
I'm no Casanova & my volleyball game is rusty so I'll just stick with rockin in the free world.
White shorts and cowboy boots still acceptable nine months out of the year.

1.   Quasi & the Moto's - Little Sister
2.   Dallas Brass & Electric - Now That I've Found You
3.   Doc Swicegood (feat. Dave Woods) - Desperation
4.   Johnny Red & the Roosters - Pushing Me Away
5.   Leslie Gail Brooks - Damn This River of Tears
6.   Michael Wasson Band - Are You Leaving Me Baby?
7.   Kenny Kay & Storm Warning - Going Back to Dallas
8.   Sly Dawgs - That's What I Needed
9.   Toni MC & The Score - Tremble & Shake
10. John Davis Band - Ordinary Average Guy
11. Alibi - Waiting on Ice
12. Joe Silva Band - Crazy in Love

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

KLBJ-FM's Local Licks Live 1991

While I sort out some various issues - turntable, file hosting, etc. place re-up requests in shoutbox - looks like there are two to track down - those will be first. Still may have some CD's & old rips to post but rebuild announcement likely will not occur before autumn. This compilation released in 1992 - more info on this series at
  1. David Garza and The Lovebeads - Am I Wasting Your Time
  2. Coffee Sergeants - Blue Moon At Dawn
  3. Van Wilks - Another Man's Shadow
  4. The LeRoi Brothers - Angeline
  5. Pariah - A Song For All Seasons
  6. The Reivers - Breathin' Easy
  7. Loose Diamonds - Wearin' Away
  8. The Lillian Standfield Band - Watchdogs
  9. Jr. Medlow's Tornado Alley - It Sho' Is A Movie To Me
  10. El Jefe - Carolina Blues
  11. Three Balls of Fire - Atom Smasher
  12. The Duckhills - Radical Cap
  13. The Wannabes - Empty
  14. Hey Zeus - We Fight
  15. Soul Hat - Barely
  16. State of Mind - 15 Miles

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Young Tuxedo Brass Band - Jazz Continues 1983

1.   Over in Gloryland
2.   Lily of the Valley
3.   What a Friend We Have in Jesus
4.   Just a Closer Walk with Thee
5.   In the Sweet Bye and Bye
6.   Lord Lord Lord
7.   Maryland My Maryland
8.   Oh Didn't He Ramble
9.   Tiger Rag
10. Down in Honky Tonk Town
11. The Second Line
12. Bugle Boy March

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Three Years In Oak Cliff

Striving to become a true cultivated eccentric often requires the scholar to step away from the labs, the spreadsheets, the yardwork & even oneself to support the community.

The Kessler celebrates three years this weekend. Take a day, a week or a month (results may vary) to check out The Kessler's youtube page which has cracked 1600 videos.  These live musical performances may startle those that rarely surface out of the studio or beyond the internet.

The below funk comes but from one evening.  Please conduct your own research and get back to me as needed. There is no due date.

opening act The Revivalists

18 minutes of the Soul Rebels

Ivan Neville and Dumpstaphunk 1

I promise that's not me in the banter, I was on the floor.
one day it will be available somewhere somehow perhaps

Ivan Neville and Dumpstaphunk 2

See you in April - at least that's the plan.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Songs from Sesame Street 2 STER-1343 1972

This record has been surfacing lately but never at right time place or price.
Until yesterday on Palm Sunday.
Cheap and clean & no deep scratches, stereophonic even.
Everyone strive to get back to that same state.
  • DQ-1342 The Mouse Factory Presents Mickey and his Friends
  • DQ-1343 1971 maybe, my STER copy is 1972
  • DQ-1344 This could be your find here - get to work pronto
  • DQ-1345 Candy Man
Now wayoutjunk posted this in 2010 but this fresh rip provides some modification to my understanding of the LP.

1.  Sesame Street - softly promises a safe place once you find the way.
2.  Everyone Makes Mistakes - when you grow up be prepared to name names
3.  High Middle Low - the track recorder loop is a highlight
4.  Sing - ubiquity 
5.  I'm Pretty 
6.  Someday, Little Children
7.  Sesame Street (Reprise) - horns increase
     kids now free to apply knowledge back on their own streets 

Unless I'm mistaken.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Danny Kaye with the Earl Brown Singers, the Clinger Sisters and the Paul Weston Orchestra- 1964

Not AK or Bekay. Not even CK This one's about the DK.
Danny Kaye - Master of Ceremonies and a deejay.
Danny Kaye is Hip-Hop.

1.   That Great Come and Get It Day
2.   C'est si bon
3.   Oh, Baby Mine
4.   Ciu Ciu Bella
5.   Down by the Riverside
6.   South Rampart Street Parade
7.   Ballin' the Jack
8.   I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts
9.   The Story of Alice
10. Turn Around

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Washington Behind Closed Doors - Dominic Frontiere 1977

If Inauguration Day falls on a Sunday, the presidential oath is usually administered in a private ceremony on that day and a public ceremony and celebrations are held on the following day.

1.   Washington: Behind Closed Doors
2.   Love Theme
3.   Behind Closed Doors Disco
4.   Paint My Love Blue (Sally Stevens - Soloist)
5.   Jamaican Holiday
6.   Pennsylvania Avenue
7.   Embassy Row
8.   White House Lawn Party
9.   American Nation Song
10. March of the Elephants

2012 Washington Behind Closed Doors audio

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Jenson's Gold 1987

D-side wins again ... but isn't everyone playing on the field already a winner?

A1.  Moorside March
A2.  Boogie Down
A3.  Softly As I Leave You
A4.  Fanfare from E.T.
A5.  El Tigre
A6.  Birdland
A7.  Here's That Rainy Day/Brand New Day
A8.  Pictures at an Exhibition
A9.  You've Lost That Loving Feelin'
A10. We Are the Reason
A11. Topaz
B1.  Crown Imperial
B2.  All Night Long
B3.  Trooper Salute
B4.  Aztec Fire
B5.  Firebird
B6.  EspaƱa
B7.  Georgia On My Mind
B8.  West Side Story
B9.  Battle Hymn
B10. New World Symphony
C1.  Off the Line
C2.  On Broadway
C3.  If
C4.  Magna
C5.  Five Foot Two
C6.  God Bless America
C7.  Mirada
C8.  Rockit
C9.  Chariots of Fire
C10. America
C11. Excalibur
C12. Blues in the Night
C13. America the Beautiful
D1.  Star-Spangled Banner
D2.  Sound of Angels
D3.  This Is My Country
D4.  Twelfth St. Rag
D5.  Parade of the Wooden Soldiers (Percussion)
D6.  Looney Tunes (Percussion)
D7.  Eye of the Tiger
D8.  Barbara Ann
D9.  Another One Bites the Dust
D10. Super Band Rap
D11. Wipeout
D12. Championship
D13. Coronado
D14. The Magnificent Seven
D15. Battle Hymn