Thursday, July 28, 2011

Boulevard Nights - Lalo Schifrin 1979

Nonchalant laughin at you non-factors chatterin. Thank you for speakin & keep up my name travelin. They say no comparison without bein arrogant. A rare combination... - Geologic

1. Street Tattoo
2. Dimelo
3. On the Boulevard
4. Take Another Chance
5. Chile Caliente
6. Chuco
7. Boulevard Nights
8. Dolor
9. Last Act

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Living Chicago Blues Volume 6 - 1980

It's been a rough month at the compound. First I had to lay off the quality control department then the fact-checkers all quit en masse. As a result all future posts will happen with 25% less facts and 50% less quality. This LP is one of six that were later packaged as four CD's.

1. If I Hadn't Got High - Detroit Junior
2. Some Nerve - Detroit Junior
3. Somebody to Shack - Detroit Junior
4. I Got Money - Detroit Junior
5. Somebody Have Mercy - Luther "Guitar Junior" Johnson
6. Got to Have Money - Luther "Guitar Junior" Johnson
7. Just Like Mama Said - Luther "Guitar Junior" Johnson
8. Look What You Done - Luther "Guitar Junior" Johnson
9. Going Upstairs- Queen Sylvia Embry
10. Blues This Morning - Queen Sylvia Embry
11. Tired of Being Pushed Around - Queen Sylvia Embry
12. Please Let Me Stay - Queen Sylvia Embry