Monday, March 24, 2008

Spearhead - Chocolate Supa Highway 1997

1. Africa on Line
2. Chocolate Supa Highway
3. Keep Me Lifted
4. Food for tha Masses
5. U Can't Sing R Song
6. Tha Payroll (Stay Strong)
7. Madness in tha Hood (Free Ride)
8. Rebel Music (3 O'Clock Roadblock)
9. Why Oh Why
10. Comin' to Gitcha
11. Life Sentence
12. Ganja Babe
13. Wayfaring Stranger
14. Gas Gauge (Tha World's in Your Hands)
15. Water Pistol Man [Chocolate Mix]

Sunday, March 23, 2008


fun in the sun...

Johnny "Guitar" Watson Love Jones 1980

1. Booty Ooty
2. Love Jones
3. Going Up in Smoke
4. Close Encounters
5. Asante Sana
6. Telephone Bill
7. Lone Ranger
8. Jet Plane
9. Children of the Universe

Saturday, March 22, 2008

B-Ball's Best Kept Secret

This post is dedicated to the late great Dallas Mavericks.

1. Bamboo - Hip Hop Basketball Genie (Interlude)
2. Dana Barros - Check It
3. Malik Sealy - Lost in the Sauce
4. Ill Al Skratch/Shaquille O'Neal - Mic Check 1-2
5. Bobbito - Earl the Goat (Interlude)
6. Cedric Ceballos with Warren G./Warren G - Flow On
7. Brian Shaw - Anything Can Happen
8. Chris Mills - Sumptin' to Groove To
9. Sway And Tech - From the Bay to L.A. (Interlude)
10. Jason Kidd/Money B. - What the Kidd Didd
11. J.R. Rider - Funk in the Trunk
12. Bobbito - Phat Swoosh (Interlude)
13. Dennis Scott - All Night Party
14. Gary Payton - Livin' Legal and Large
15. D.J. S and S - D.J. S and S Represents
16. AG/Cedric Ceballos with Warren G./Dana Barros/Diamond D/
Grand Puba/Sadat X - Ya Don't Stop

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ozomatli - Embrace the Chaos 2001

1. Pá Lante
2. 1234 feat. De la Soul
3. Dos Cosas Ciertas feat. Kanetic Source
4. Vocal Artillery feat. Kanetic Source, Medusa,
5. Guerrillero
6. Embrace the Chaos feat. Common
7. Pensativo (Interlude)
8. Timido
9. Lo Que Dice
10. Mi Alma
11. Sueños en Realidad

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Material - The Third Power 1991

The posse was in full effect for this 1991 release.

1. Reality - Bill Laswell, Robbie Shakespeare, Shabba Ranks, Sly Dunbar
2. Playin' With Fire - Afrika Baby Bambaataa, Bill Laswell, Bootsy Collins, Mike G, Robbie Shakespeare, Sly Dunbar
3. Cosmic Slop - Bernie Worrell, George Clinton
4 E-Pluribus Unum - Bill Laswell, Robbie Shakespeare, Sly Dunbar
5. Drive-By - Bill Laswell, Robbie Shakespeare, Sly Dunbar
6 Power Of Soul - Bill Laswell, Bootsy Collins, Jalaludin M. Nuriddin, Robbie Shakespeare, Sly Dunbar
7. Mellow Mood (4:22)- Bob Marley
8 Glory - Bill Laswell, Bootsy Collins, Robbie Shakespeare, Sly Dunbar

Monday, March 17, 2008

Funkytown Pros - Reachin A Level of Assassination 1991

Posted by Dread in 2006 and retagged for better indexing.
Track 5 is still a campfire favorite but don't sleep on the rest.

1. Funktro
2. White Green
3. Satisfaction
4. Genius
5. Assassination
6. Just Another Toss-Up
7. Too Dam Funque
8. False Prophet
9. Hear Me Now, Believe Me Later
10. Fallin
11. Def Do Us Part
12. Brutally Wild

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Jack McDuff - Another Real Good'un 1989

3,4,6 McDuff - organ; Houston Person - tenor sax; Cecil Bridgewater - trumpet, Ron Bridgewater - alto & tenor sax; John Hart - guitar; Buddy Williams - drums
1,5,7 McDuff - organ; Houston Person - tenor sax; Randy Johnston -guitar; Cecil Brooks III - drums
2 Organ/tenor duo

1. Another Real Good 'Un
2. Summertime
3. Off the Beaten Path
4. Long Day Blues
5. Rock Candy
6. I Can't Get Started
7. I Cover the Waterfront

Saturday, March 15, 2008

State of Emergency - (Society in Crisis) Vol. 1 1994

1. Introduction (Interlude)
2. Ukfe Yue - Da Spook Dat Sat by da Door
3. Lord Finesse - Shorties Kaught in the System
4. Geronimo Pratt (Interlude)
5. Bobcat - I Ain't Checkin for the Curb
6. Min. Louis Farrakahn - Honor & Respect (Interlude)
7. I Smooth - For da Love of the Ghetto
8. Para la Gente (Interlude)
9. 3 Deep - You Better Think
10. Ice-T - Gotta Lotta Love [Remix]
11. Forty-Two Decades (Interlude)
12. J.R. Swinga - Chocolate City
13. Chuck D. (Interlude)
14. The Pharcyde - My Soul
15. Ant the O.G./Du Lo/Tone - Let Go of My Ghetto
16. It's an Emergency (Interlude)
17. Urban Prop - Worry Free
18. Dr. King (Interlude)
19. Aerle and Ambriet Attiq Taree/Nadirah Shakoor - Winds of Karma
20. Blakkheart - Fire
21. Kwame Ture (Conclusion)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Johnny "Guitar" Watson - Giant 1978

1. Miss Frisco (Queen of the Disco)
2. Tu Jours Amour
3. Gangster of Love
4. Guitar Disco
5. Wrapped in Black Mink
6. You Can Stay But the Noise Must Go
7. Baby Face (She Said Do Do Do Do)

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Pump Ya Fist

1995 knowledge

1. KRS-One - Ah Yeah
2. Kam - Pump Ya Fist
3. Grand Puba - Black Family Day
4. Rakim - Shades of Black
5. Jeru the Damaja - The Frustrated Ni...
6. Tupac Shakur - Throw Your Hands Up
7. Speech - Positive Vibe
8. Fugees (Tranzlator Crew) - Recognition
9. Chuck D - It's the Pride
10. Ahmad - Only If You Want It
11. Yo-Yo - Crazay
12. Dred Scott - I Gotta Get Mine
13. 5ive-O - Out for Just Us

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Maceo - Life on Planet Groove

1. Shake Everything You've Got
2. Pass the Peas
3. I Got You (I Feel Good)
4. Got to Get U
5. Addictive Love
6. Children's World
7. Georgia on My Mind
8. Soul Power 92

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Practice - lyrics by J-Live

Yo, I heard those who can't, teach. Well, fuck it.
I guess class dismissed, I can't teach you shit.
I've been doin’ this for years, man, my rep is legit.
It's like a mic is a cancer-stick, I can't quit;
but I can kick that measuring stick schtick that
lets you know real quick whether you can or can't spit.
And from the sound of it, you on a stage
is like a square on a triangle hole. It don't fit.
I mean, the whole way you tryin’ to hold the mic,
I ain't tryin’ to be a smart aleck, but you sound like a dick.
It shouldn't be so phallic. You wanna be hard
but you can't come correct. I’d a showed you how it's done
if you showed some respect. Instead what you doin’ is
showin you're new in this. Why you pursuin’ this
skill trade? You tryin’ to get paid and laid.
Before the groupies and the Wop, man, the fact is
it takes practice

I heard it's better to be lucky than good.
Well, in my case I guess I'm lucky I'm good.
I heard if not for bad luck, J would have no luck at all
to which my reply is, "Fuck all a y'all".
I've been passed up, gassed up, bounced around, man,
thrown off the glass just to see what sticks.
I have yet to score big like Allen Iverson.
Maybe someday J could endorse a pair of kicks.
But for now long as I can afford a pair of kicks
and a closet to put ‘em in, I’m a put ‘em on
and walk these dogs, get my hustle on,
break bread for my young’uns so they grow up strong.
That's why the flow grow after each and every show
and year after year brings song after song
I heard amateurs keep doin’ it until they get it right;
but pros do it so much, we can't get it wrong.

I heard some old colloquialism
statin “If you love what you do for a livin’
you never work a day in your life”. Yeah, right.
But I know what they mean, some jobs'll trap you like prison.
But if you hatin’ me, ‘cause all you do is process and file,
jealous because I get to make beats, spin and freestyle
as if I haven't had to work in a while.
Like I ain't sheddin’ blood, sweat, tears, stomach acid, and bile;
like my workload isn't unbelievable:
CEO, COO, accounts payable and receivable,
chief marketeer and manager,
sales rep, tour van driver, baggage handler.
Shiiit, like I ain't tryin to outsource and delegate.
How else you think I'll get an upgrade and elevate?
But at this point in time, I got two options,
get it done right myself or get relegated
back to a spot where I do it for fun
in my spare time oh, wait, I won't have none.
So don't come at me’ bout that “Get a real jobby job.”
We gonna have a problem, see, this ain't a hobby.
It’s a practice.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Movement Ex

1. Prologue - This Movement Is Ex-Rated
2. Freedom Got A Shotgun
3. United Snakes Of America
4. Universal Blues
5. KK Punanni
6. I Deal With Mathematics
7. Radical
8. Zig Zag Zig
9. Is My Mic On?
0. The Lord Speaks His Mind
11. Rap Mafia
12. Knowledge This
13. King Goes Solo
14. Get Up Off The Pipe
15. The Musical
16. Comin' At Ya
17. Epilogue - This Movement Is Ex-Rated

Roosevelt Franklin

1. Roosevelt Franklin Counts
2. Days of the Week
3. Mobity Mosely's Months
4. Keep on Trying
5. The Safety Boy Blues
6. Just Because
7. The Skin I'm In
8. A Bear Eats Bear Food
9. Halfies
10. Me and You
11. Old King Midas
12. Roosevelt Franklin's Alphabet

Drugstore Cowboy - Elliott Goldenthal 1989

1. Abbey Lincoln - For All We Know
2. Bobby Goldsboro - Little Things
3. Jackie DeShannon - Put a Little Love in Your Heart
4. The Count Five - Psychotic Reaction
5. John Fred and his Playboy Band - Judy in Disguise
6. Desmond Dekker & the Aces - The Israelites

7. Yesterday's Jones
8. Morpheus Ascending
9. Monkey Frenzy
10. Wonder Waltz
11. White Gardenia
12. The Floating Hex
13. Mr. F. Wadd
14. Elegy Mirror
15. Panda the Dog
16. Heist and Hat
17. Strategy Song
18. Bob's New Life
19. Clockworks
20. Cage Iron
21. Goodnight Nadine