Saturday, June 30, 2012

Withnail and I - 1987

1.   A Whiter Shade of Pale
2.   The Wolf
3.   All Along the Watchtower
4.   To the Crow
5.   Voodoo Chile
6.   While My Guitar Gently Weeps
7.   Marwood Walks
8.   Monty Remembers
9.   La Fite
10. Hang Out the Stars in Indiana
11. Crow Crag
12. Cheval Blanc
13. My Friend
14. Withnail's Theme

original music composed by David Dundas and Rick Wentworth

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Van Alexander & Geoff Clarkson - TV Themes 197x

I'm not sayin' these guys are Golddiggers - just musical arrangers & composers for the OG Golddiggers.
Rest in peace Frank Cady.

A1 - Theme from Sanford & Son
A2 - Mystery Movie Theme (Columbo, McCloud, McMillan & Wife)
A3 - A Whole Lot of Lovin' (Dean Martin Show)
A4 - Cops and Robbers
A5 - Flapper Rag
A6 - Just for Kids
A7 - And the Winner Is
A8 - A Night at the Movies
A9 - The Movie Show
A10 - Game Time
A11 - Good Times Are Here Tonight
A12 - Curtain Time
B1 - Theme from "Rhoda"
B2 - Song from M*A*S*H* - "Suicide Is Painless"
B3 - Take the Money and Run
B4 - Let's Play Reggae
B5 - Kindergarten Song
B6 - They Came to Play
B7 - Matinee Music
B8 - Samba for Winners Only
B9 - All-American Sports
B10 - What's in a Game?
B11 - Barrump-Bump
B12 - Make It Happen

Produced by Lee Hale
Conducted by Van Alexander
Arranged by Van Alexander & Geoff Clarkson
Recording Engineer: Ami Hadani

liner notes by Lee Hale
     Music for television is perhaps the most diversified of all medium, because it includes almost every kind of tune imaginable.
     Since TV covers all sorts of moods - children's shows, police shows, game shows, variety shows, sports shows, movie shows - the themes for these shows have to "set it all up" at the beginning, to get the viewers "in the mood" for what follows. Most of the themes in this album are original, conceived for shows yet to be televised.
     We hope you enjoy the variety of music in this album and listen for the themes on upcoming shows - and you can say "you heard it here first!"