Sunday, August 3, 2008

Next School Settin' an Example 1990

I have this theory that LONS took some of the shine off this group's success or lack thereof. Just listen to the title track with the Lord Jamar sample and tell me LONS didn't take the concept behind Next School to the next level and then some. LONS imploded after the second LP but Next School only released one full-length before moving on. Remember to pay your tuition if you enroll in Funk University.

1. Funk University
2. Kick The Base
3. Profits Of Unity
4. Settin' An Example
5. Girls, Girls, Girls
6. Take Me Home
7. Good To Go
8. Go Next School
9. Isn't It Funny
10. Young Adults
11. Versatylin' Stylin'
12. Next School Shuffle
13. United Nation


Doctor Okeh said...

grabbin this one on GP , I remember the cover , can't recall weather I ever had it or not thx again TC!!!! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot, bro. Hard to find old school album.