Monday, August 11, 2008

The Big Gundown - Reggae Inspired by Spaghetti Westerns 2004

It so happens I never posted reggae here until this post. This has been the hottest summer since 1998 around here so I guess the time is right. Without Jamaica I couldn't be a hip-hop fanatic so it's nice to see the U.S. give something back by the way of the Italian Western. You know how ridiculous those hip-hop westerns looked compared to the superior urban warrior movies? Trust me, Jamaican artists didn't make the same mistake. Will a few understand what I'm talking about? Or is it just the 100F/38C days getting to me? It's a rhetorical question. Don't even try to answer. Do listen to some good songs about money, love and death backed by cool reggae.

1. Sir Lord Comic - Django Shoots First
2. Crystalites - Dollar a Head
3. The Upsetters - Dollar in the Teeth
4. The Upsetters - Return of Django
5. Crystalites - A Fistful of Dollars
6. King Stitt - Lee Van Cleef
7. Lee "Scratch" Perry - Clint Eastwood
8. Crystalites - The Undertaker
9. Ramon & The Crystalites - The Overtaker
10. Ramon & The Crystalites - Undertaker's Burial
11. The Upsetters - For a Few Dollars More
12. Roy Richards - Death Rides a Horse
13. The Hippy Boys - Death Rides a Horse
14. Johnny Lover & The Destroyers - Franco Nero
15. Lee "Scratch" Perry - Kill Them All
16. Lee "Scratch" Perry - Eight for Eight
17. Crystalites - The Bad
18. Johnny Lover & The Destroyers - Nevada Joe
19. Crystalites - Stranger in Town
20. Eldorados - Savage Colt
21. Andy Capp - The Law
22. The Upsetters - A Taste of Killing
23. The Upsetters - Return of the Ugly
24. Lloyd Charmers - Dollars & Bonds
25. Lloyd Charmers - Vengeance
26. Joe White & The Crystalites - They Call Me Trinity

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cliff said...

Just came across your blog. Looking forward to this one. Thanks.