Tuesday, July 8, 2008

James Brown - Excitement (Mr. Dynamite) 1962

1. I Don't Mind
2. Shout and Shimmy
3. Tell Me What You're Gonna Do
4. Good, Good Lovin'
5. Have Mercy Baby
6. Begging, Begging
7. Love Don't Love Nobody
8. Dancin' Little Thing
9. Come Over Here
10. You Don't Have toGo
11. Just Won't Do Right
12. It Was You


zand said...

Great post! Thank You!

les18e said...

Long live The Godfather. Thanks.

Doctor Okeh said...

wowser , this looks like it'd be sweet too , thx again!

Hectron said...

thanks for all the james brown's

Mario said...

Say It LOUD!