Saturday, June 21, 2008

Rare Earth - Greatest Hits and Rare Classics 1991

This seems like a good way to start off the first full day of summer. Kids you will no doubt recognize some of these tunes from elsewhere in the hip-hop universe. I can assure you the source material here is tight. Enjoy and don't get too baked in the sun or on the run.

1. Get Ready
2. Generation (Light up the Sky)
3. (I Know) I'm Losing You
4. When Joanie Smiles
5. Born to Wander
6. Here Comes the Night
7. I Just Want to Celebrate
8. Love Shines Down
9. Good Time Sally
10. Hey Big Brother
11. We're Gonna Have a Good Time
12. Big John Is My Name
13. Chained
14. Warm Ride
15. I Can Feel My Love Risin'
16. Keeping Me Out of the Storm
17. It Makes You Happy (But It Ain't Gonna Last)
18. Midnight Lady
19. Hum Along and Dance
20. Fresh from the Can

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Doctor Okeh said...

this looks like a cool collection to have , thx for the share fam!