Saturday, April 5, 2008

Good Burger OST 1997

So I was getting a decent enough post ready for later but then I ran across this for 1$ yesterday at the library sale. More than worth the outlay for an above mediocre soundtrack. The movie holds up OK and the soundtrack captures that 70's sound to align with the film. Track 4 has a bad tag on the artist - may fix later.

The first three tracks are tolerable enough. Not for me, though.
#4 - Not my favorite Pharcyde vibe but they come correct with the usual subversive lyrics in yet another soundtrack. (See Street Fighter, State of Emergency.)
#5 Warren G goodness
#6 If you were wondering what it would sound like if Fishbone sold out to Nickelodeon, well wonder no more.
#7 A song from the golden age of The Presidents of the United States of America
#8 Redd Kross - never as mainstream as some of their contemporaries yet here they are on this ost
#9 George Clinton + De la Soul = Sequel to Bitties in the BK Lounge!
#10 makes me want to hear the proper LP or maybe not. I have to admit it does remind me of a third-rate UDS or Definition of Sound. The band is from the US though so I don't know what kind of accent Kevie is sporting.
#11 Always interested to hear Franti's take on anything but I hope he got paid okay for this
I guess The Police need spicing up in any decade.
#12 For those that need another mix of Knee Deep,here it is.

1. 702 - All I Want
2. Mint Condition - That's the Way (It's Goin' Down)
3. Tracie Spencer - I'll Be There for You
4. Pharcyde - Keep On
5. Warren G - Friends
6. Kel Mitchell/Less Than Jake - We're All Dudes
7. The Presidents of the United States of America - Man
8. Redd Kross - So-Cal V8
9. De La Soul/Trulio Disgracias - Do Fries Go With That Shake?
10. 1000 Clowns - (Not the) Greatest Rapper
11. Spearhead - Roxanne
12. Digital Underground/George Clinton - Knee Deep [The Deeper Mix]