Thursday, April 17, 2008

90 M.P.H.-Mackframalama 1994

If it ain't at WYDU or BTF it is a rare one. I found this thanks to Silent Springs.
Support good music and check Silent Springs out. This LP is typical 1994 fare. The group is from Atlanta but the production doesn't really capture that ATL sound that blew up later. If you copped this back then, you surely recognized most of the beats from other songs. I'm no producer, but the beats sound jacked not flipped. The lyrical content is OK, but since Mad Records folded after only putting out five LP's, this can't have sold that well. Listen and learn.

1. Mackframalama
2. Heidi's aHo
3. Afta Dark
4. Weakness
5. Loop It
6. Satisfied
7. Whata Blessing
8. Fly (I'm Loaded)
9. Oh What A Night
10. Hang Around
11. Peace To Atlanta (Interlude)


Travis said...

Shit yeah, you got me on this one. Don't have this...good looks!

Anonymous said...

as someone that knows this group, it never was given itz full potential. rhymes, beats and all was the new jack of the south and still waiting for the 2nd kid smooth....where are you?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous go to get the email address and email who you are. He wants to know this is.