Friday, February 29, 2008

Maceo was Here

props to Phil Brown at DMN for the writeup

But on Wednesday evening, Mr. Parker lit up the House of Blues with a blistering exhibition of mostly horn-led tunes interspersed with soothing vocals. After a brief instrumental solo, Mr. Parker danced onto the platform like a 20-year-old and slid into "Off the Hook," a fierce up-tempo groove that set the stage for everything else.

At times, the intimate audience seemed overwhelmed just being in the same room with one of the recording industry's legends. The music was merely icing on the cake as some shouted, "Maceo, Maceo!"

The funk pioneer and his five-piece band and two singers doused the sprightly audience with a heavy dose of "To Be or Not to Be," a feisty tune with strong funk overtones, and a confluence of standard songs and selections from Roots & Grooves, the latest of his 15 solo albums.

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