Sunday, January 20, 2013

Washington Behind Closed Doors - Dominic Frontiere 1977

If Inauguration Day falls on a Sunday, the presidential oath is usually administered in a private ceremony on that day and a public ceremony and celebrations are held on the following day.

1.   Washington: Behind Closed Doors
2.   Love Theme
3.   Behind Closed Doors Disco
4.   Paint My Love Blue (Sally Stevens - Soloist)
5.   Jamaican Holiday
6.   Pennsylvania Avenue
7.   Embassy Row
8.   White House Lawn Party
9.   American Nation Song
10. March of the Elephants

2012 Washington Behind Closed Doors audio


Simon666 said...

Loving "Embassy Row", thanks for this :)

Anonymous said...

Been looking for this for quite a while, many thanks!

awad ngah said...

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