Saturday, January 12, 2013

Jenson's Gold 1987

D-side wins again ... but isn't everyone playing on the field already a winner?

A1.  Moorside March
A2.  Boogie Down
A3.  Softly As I Leave You
A4.  Fanfare from E.T.
A5.  El Tigre
A6.  Birdland
A7.  Here's That Rainy Day/Brand New Day
A8.  Pictures at an Exhibition
A9.  You've Lost That Loving Feelin'
A10. We Are the Reason
A11. Topaz
B1.  Crown Imperial
B2.  All Night Long
B3.  Trooper Salute
B4.  Aztec Fire
B5.  Firebird
B6.  España
B7.  Georgia On My Mind
B8.  West Side Story
B9.  Battle Hymn
B10. New World Symphony
C1.  Off the Line
C2.  On Broadway
C3.  If
C4.  Magna
C5.  Five Foot Two
C6.  God Bless America
C7.  Mirada
C8.  Rockit
C9.  Chariots of Fire
C10. America
C11. Excalibur
C12. Blues in the Night
C13. America the Beautiful
D1.  Star-Spangled Banner
D2.  Sound of Angels
D3.  This Is My Country
D4.  Twelfth St. Rag
D5.  Parade of the Wooden Soldiers (Percussion)
D6.  Looney Tunes (Percussion)
D7.  Eye of the Tiger
D8.  Barbara Ann
D9.  Another One Bites the Dust
D10. Super Band Rap
D11. Wipeout
D12. Championship
D13. Coronado
D14. The Magnificent Seven
D15. Battle Hymn


Simon666 said...

Thanks! The classic here for me is 'Rockit', with the turntable scratch solo played on snare :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this one , its wonderful.

DonHo57 said...

Looking forward to listening to it later today...thanks!!!

Benjamin Jenkins said...

Im very new @this. Please tell me how to listen 2 these 80'favs or how to get a copy. I've been looking for them 4 years. Thank you. or