Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Living Chicago Blues Volume 6 - 1980

It's been a rough month at the compound. First I had to lay off the quality control department then the fact-checkers all quit en masse. As a result all future posts will happen with 25% less facts and 50% less quality. This LP is one of six that were later packaged as four CD's.

1. If I Hadn't Got High - Detroit Junior
2. Some Nerve - Detroit Junior
3. Somebody to Shack - Detroit Junior
4. I Got Money - Detroit Junior
5. Somebody Have Mercy - Luther "Guitar Junior" Johnson
6. Got to Have Money - Luther "Guitar Junior" Johnson
7. Just Like Mama Said - Luther "Guitar Junior" Johnson
8. Look What You Done - Luther "Guitar Junior" Johnson
9. Going Upstairs- Queen Sylvia Embry
10. Blues This Morning - Queen Sylvia Embry
11. Tired of Being Pushed Around - Queen Sylvia Embry
12. Please Let Me Stay - Queen Sylvia Embry

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Thank you. Excellent series!