Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Jerry Fielding - The Gauntlet 1977

If it seems like you're seeing the same old crap from Hollywood this summer try something from back when you thought they at least tried.

1. Bleak Bad Big City Dawn
2. The Pickup
3. Exit Tunnel Roaring!
4. The Gauntlet
5. The Box Car Incident
6. Closer Look at a Closer Walk
7. The Black Sedan
8. Manipulation on the Center Divider
9. The Delivery
10. Postlude

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Bryan Daly said...

hey man,

i found this blog when i was searching for the chambers brothers incredible love peace & happiness (live at fillmore east) album. i have the record but would love a digital copy- and your link is the only one online! the sharebee link for it is down- i would be super grateful if you could help me and re-up.