Saturday, August 29, 2009

10cc - Sheet Music 1974

Tracks #1-10 are from the OG release. Track #11 was the first song 10cc ever recorded.

1. The Wall Street Shuffle
2. The Worst Band in the World
3. Hotel
4. Old Wild Men
5. Clockwork Creep
6. Silly Love [Long Version]
7. Somewhere in Hollywood
8. Baron Samedi
9. The Sacro-Iliac
10. Oh Effendi
11. Waterfall


MaxPtah said...

YOOOOO!!!! Great find!!!! Thanks for this

Tony said...

Wall Street Shuffle - still relevant and sounds great! thanks!

Anonymous said...

Awesome such great hooks comical very fun. I was sorry that the last 20seconds of waterfall are glitchy but still thank you so much!