Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Little Milton - Friend of Mine 1976

"Any category they want to put me in is fine with me as long as they accept what I do." - Little Milton

1. Friend of Mine
2. You're Gonna Make Me Cry
3. Baby It Ain't No Way
4. Mis-Using My Love
5. Don't Turn Away
6. It's All Bad News
7. Bring It on Back
8. Sundown /Sundown [Monologue]
9. I'm in Love with My Best Friend's Wife


Anonymous said...

track #6 is missing

Anonymous said...

still missing track #6, too bad, what's the use to upload incomplete album, I don't get that.

thecorrector said...

Anonymous (if that's really your name) - just downloaded and played track #6. Sounds like your computer is full or just sucks. I'd offer to help but I have enough correcting to do this month.

Anonymous said...

! C:\Documents and Settings\ZAL\Desktop\ CRC failed in Little_Milton_Friend_of_Mine__1976\06 It's All Bad News.mp3. The file is corrupt

This is what I'm getting using Winrar to unzip the downloaded archive.

Satchelmouth said...

That was rather rude and ungrateful


koko1966 said...

Hello, my name is koko1966.
I know, that it is almost 5 years now, that you have posted this album,
but perhaps I may now ask you for a re-upload. You could also send me a link via mail,
Many thanks, yours koko