Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tone Loc Cool Hand Loc 1991 (2)

Reups will be slow and rare but will occur before the Texas heat melts any files. Reminded that this went gold and only got one single. The game changed between '89 and '91. The label didn't ask for album #3. Since the game changed, Tone Loc changed his game and went into acting and voicework. Tone Loc is currently heard as Chestnut on the animated show Chowder.

1. Kenyatta/Tone-Loc - Funky Westside
2. Scott Mayo/Tone-Loc - Pimp Without a Caddy
3. Dave Forman/Jason White/John Rogers/Tone-Loc/Val Young - I Adore You
4. El DeBarge/Howie Robbins/Kevin O'Neil/Scott Mayo/Tone-Loc - All Through the Night
5. Jazmine Vega/Leslie McCracken/Ronald Jeffreys/Tone-Loc - Fatal Attraction
6. Tone-Loc - I Joke But I Don't Play
7. Kenyatta/Tone-Loc - Freaky Behavior
8. Donna Simon/Ron Jeffrey/Stuart Wylen/Tone-Loc - Mean Green
9. Herman Jackson/Kevin O'Neil/Phillip Gordy/Tone-Loc - Why
10. Kevin O'Neil/M. Walk/MC Wink dog/Tone-Loc - Hip-Hop It Is Kinda Different
11. Tone-Loc - Funky Westside Reprise

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