Monday, March 25, 2013

Songs from Sesame Street 2 STER-1343 1972

This record has been surfacing lately but never at right time place or price.
Until yesterday on Palm Sunday.
Cheap and clean & no deep scratches, stereophonic even.
Everyone strive to get back to that same state.
  • DQ-1342 The Mouse Factory Presents Mickey and his Friends
  • DQ-1343 1971 maybe, my STER copy is 1972
  • DQ-1344 This could be your find here - get to work pronto
  • DQ-1345 Candy Man
Now wayoutjunk posted this in 2010 but this fresh rip provides some modification to my understanding of the LP.

1.  Sesame Street - softly promises a safe place once you find the way.
2.  Everyone Makes Mistakes - when you grow up be prepared to name names
3.  High Middle Low - the track recorder loop is a highlight
4.  Sing - ubiquity 
5.  I'm Pretty 
6.  Someday, Little Children
7.  Sesame Street (Reprise) - horns increase
     kids now free to apply knowledge back on their own streets 

Unless I'm mistaken.

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