Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Red Sovine - Phantom 309 1968

Dedicating this post to I-20, I-30, I-35 & I-45. The interstate crushes more souls than the ghetto.

1. Phantom 309 -Hitchhiker + ghost driver equivalent to yesterday's dead friend on a custom made t-shirt .
2. Good Enough for Nothing - aka Get the Eff Out of My House
3. Three Lovers Were Losers Today - Did the girl in this song die or leave Red for hanging out with her parents too much?
4. Lifetime to Regret - Woman leaves; guy's life becomes like a record that keeps skipping.
5. That's Me - Not everyone at "the club" is there to dance. Ladies don't worry about this guy buying you a drink.
6. Anytime - Are your standards low enough yet to take me back?
7. In Your Heart - Don't be runnin with other guys while I'm gone 'til November.
8. Satisfied Mind - It's not easy runnin the game; sometimes it's better to stay on your corner.
9. Good Life - Why don't ghetto denizen move to the farm?
10. Same Old Situation - Why can't these truck stop girls stay true?
11. Vietnam Deck of Cards - Why do I have to splain why playin cards ain't a game?
12. Bummin' Around -Time to hit the streets.

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