Sunday, December 4, 2011

Nashville OST - 1975

This is has always been my favorite Robert Altman film. Nashville shows music as it exists rather than as it is described. Not as easy as it looks & it doesn't look that easy.

1. It Don't Worry Me - Keith Carradine
2. Bluebird -Timothy Brown
3. For The Sake Of The Children -Henry Gibson
4. Keep A-Goin' - Henry Gibson
5. Memphis - Karen Black
6. Rolling Stone -Karen Black
7. 200 Years -Henry Gibson
8. Tapedeck In His Tractor -Ronee Blakley
9. Dues -Ronee Blakley
10. I'm Easy - Keith Carradine
11. One, I Love You -Henry Gibson And Ronee Blakley
12. My Idaho Home -Ronee Blakley
13. It Don't Worry Me - Keith Carradine And Barbara Harris

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Anonymous said...

Wowee!! I have not thought of this movie for years!! It's just simply one of Altman's best movies. Thanks for the soundtrack - hearing it will certainly bring back memories of the movie! [: