Friday, November 4, 2011

Auracle - Glider 1978

Trumpet, flugelhorn - Richard C. Braun
Woodwinds - Stephen R.F. Kujala
Mallets, percussion - Steven A. Rehbein
Piano, electric keyboards - John Serry, Jr.
Bass - Bill Staebell
Drums - Ron Wagner

State-of-the-Art, at least in records, has come to mean hundreds of hours slaving over a hot console, fine-tuning a click track to bring machined precision to the rhythms, artfully stacking overdubs (and punching out the flubs), tweaking a battery of outboard devices to further shape and cut the music.
These tracks are state of the art in a different sense, one paradoxically much older and, of late, making a welcome comeback: the art in question is performance, meaning the precision lies in the heads, hearts and hands of the players. The musicians comprising Auracle are young, but they're puting all their cards on the table first time out. They draw from a wide range of sources
and arranging styles, which will lead to some conflicting tags, but it's likely they'll slip as gracefully through those tags as they do through the fluid changes in their songs. No one here uses his vocal chords, and supplies words to explain the melodic sense of the songs, but Auracle sings just the same. Sam Sutherland - Record World Magazine

1. Columbian Bubblegum
2. Tom Thumb
3. Glider
4. Sno' Fun
5. Sleezy Listening
6. Kids' Stuff
7. Chez Amis

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