Thursday, March 3, 2011

Alphabet and Counting Songs - Happy Time Chorus 1963

It's been a season since I kicked it for the children. Now kids, I'm a counter; but make no mistake, alphabetizing is essential in taking reading and spelling abilities to the next level -mastering file creation and retrieval! Warning - Any griping about sound quality will trigger hours of film strip & VHS tape review. I would start with side one as Happy Time's side two starts to discuss what comes next - old age, traffic, clock watching and calendar page turning.
Added bonus to this lecture is the below transcription for Fork, Knife and Spoon. Little DJ's can chop up phrases like "got something to cut" or "my sharp edge cuts right through." Adults watch out for Mr. Fork, though. He seems to have a hidden agenda. Having said that, if anthropomorphic silverware can prevent one child from developing an eating disorder our children really will win the future.

1. The Alphabet Song
2. The Counting Song
3. Rockabye Baby
4. Alphabet Zoo
5. Hush Little Baby
6. Fork, Knife and Spoon
7. Time to Tell Time
8. How Many Days in a Year
9. Be Kind to Your Parents
10. Happy Do-Right
11. Do My Dolly

Now gather round children meet three friends of mine
Who will always be with you when you go to dine.
Just look on the table for a fork, knife and spoon.
Now they're gonna sing you ... The Table Manners Tune!

I'm Mr. Fork with points so sharp. I'm good for holding meat.
And if you handle me just right I'm sure to help you eat.
You first take me in your right hand just like you hold a pen.
And turn me til my points are up and stop try that again.
This is the way you should hold me for food like peas and rice
But please don't overload me cause it isn't very nice.
Now put me in your left hand. Turn my points down toward the plate.
And if you've anything to cut I'll keep it firm and straight.
Don't use me like a shovel. Never grab me like a ball.
And one thing more the back of me is never used at all.
If you'll remember what I've said you'll eat with ease and grace.
And Mom and Dad won't be ashamed to take you any place.

Now I am Mr. Knife and I'm might handy, but
I'm only used at mealtime when you've got something to cut.
Whenever you're not using me against the plate I'm laid.
My handle on the table thats for balancing my blade.
You hold me in your right hand with fingers wrapped around.
The finger that you point with along my back is crowned.
You never have to use me when you're eating corn or stew
But when it comes to meat you'll find my sharp edge cuts right through.
I'm only used for cutting food. I never pick it up.
You wouldn't want me in your mouth and then have to hiccup.
If you use me as I've told you my edge both sharp and keen
Will cut your food so neatly that your chin will stay quite clean.

I am Ms. Spoon and I come in two sizes
For soup, for dessert, and all sorts of surprises.
Like my brother the fork hold me in your right hand
Dip me gently in liquids. Now isn't that grand?
I'm built with a ball either oval or round
Which you place in your mouth never makin' a sound.
You can use me for stirring or eating ice cream
I'll pick up every drop and I'll leave your plate clean.

Now that is all that there is to it.
We all know that you can do it
We'll help you morning night and noon
I'm Mr. Fork... I'm Mr. Knife... and I..., I am Ms. Spoon.