Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Globetrotters - The Globetrotters 1970

So I got this LP in great condition except the gatefold was missing. My rip was average at best so I retagged one from elsewhere to get more ears listening to this transcendent slice of 100% uncut bubblegum funk. I'm partial to House Party, Gravy & the ode to promiscuity called Bouncin' All Over the World. Your results may vary. Tracks 1-13 are from the OG LP. More info here
1. The Globetrotter's Theme
2. Globetrottin'
3. Bouncin' All Over the World
4. Sneaky Pete
5. Marathon Mary
6. River Queen
7. House Party
8. Gravy
9. Meadowlark
10. Lillia Peabody
11. Put a Little Meat On Your Bones, Lucinda
12. Rainy Day Bells
13. Cheer Me Up
14. Duke of Earl
15. Sweet Georgia Brown - Brother Bones and His Shadows



Great ! Many Thanks

Anonymous said...

just stumbled across your blog - I like it!
thanks a lot,

Shobusun said...

That's doped out son- funny as sh*t!

Anonymous said...

A brief note---after digging for an hour, i found this gem in a spot in the bronx that had $1 records. when i went to pay, the guy wanted to charge me extra because HE thought he could. I promptly stashed it where no one including me would ever find it. Shout out to you for posting, and a double F#@k you to dude from the BX that tried to gank me.

a real mf said...

best EVER!!!! Thanks

Anonymous said...

don't know if you knew none of the globetrotters actually sang on the LP. Don Kirshner was the music supervisor of the cartoon series, and the LP was produced just like the archies. a good note- a good portion of the songs were written by neil sedaka !

367 said...

Please Re-up THIS !!!!!
Want IT !!!