Saturday, May 9, 2009

Multiplication Rock 1973

To lighten things up here's something to help the children of today. Don't think I forgot you kiddies but please stop asking if the long-promised kid's blog will ever see the light of day. Everything in time. For now, practice counting. There's still only eight of us left including one known clone. Back in the day you couldn't get this funkin lesson until Rhino released the lot on CD in 1997. Let me just add that if anyone ever thought Electric Company would be better as a disco/vocabulary/Heroes style show, well then, your time is now. Free Letterman & RIP Blossom Dearie ...

1. Lynn Ahrens - Schoolhouse Rocky
2. Bob Dorough - Elementary, My Dear
3. Bob Dorough - Three Is a Magic Number
4. Bob Dorough - The Four-Legged Zoo
5. Bob Dorough - Ready or Not, Here I Come
6. Bob Dorough - My Hero, Zero
7. Grady Tate - I Got Six
8. Bob Dorough - Lucky Seven Sampson
9. Blossom Dearie - Figure Eight
10. Grady Tate - Naughty Number Nine
11. Bob Dorough - The Good Eleven
12. Bob Dorough - Little Twelvetoes

Image jacked from Soul Strut - original LP cover. Two tracks, "My Hero, Zero" and "Three Is A Magic Number" had been edited for TV to keep each video within three minutes. The LP featured both songs in their full, unedited forms. The LP version of "The Four-Legged Zoo" has a slightly different ending than the television version.

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