Thursday, April 2, 2009

Young Black Teenagers - 1990

Never Black, no longer young but still backed by the Bomb Squad. They kind of lost whatever remaining credibility they had when the second LP's big single was "Tap the Bottle", a celebration of drinking out of the bottle complete w/ instructions. Trust me, the only guy that can pull off singing about food or drink is Weird Al.

1. Punks, Lies & Video Tape
2. Korner Groove
3. Traci
4. First Stage of a Rampage Called the Rap Rage
5. Nobody Knows Kelli
6. Daddy Kalled Me Niga Cause I Likeded to Rhyme
7. Chillin' Wit Me Posse
8. Mack Daddy Don of the Underworld
9. Loud and Hard to Hit
10. My TV Went Black and White on Me
11. Proud to Be Black
12. To My Donna
13. My Color TV

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