Thursday, March 12, 2009

24-7 Spyz - Gumbo Millenium 1990

1. John Connelly's Theory
2. New Super Hero Worship
3. Deathstyle
4. Dude U Knew
5. Culo Posse
6. Don't Push Me
7. Spyz on Piano
8. Valdez 27 Million?
9. Don't Break My Heart!
10. We'll Have Power
11. Racism
12. Heaven and Hell
13. We Got a Date
14. Some Defenders' Memories


Bushrod said...

Thanks so much!!! You wouldn't have any other albums by 24-7 Spyz? I have Strength In Numbers if you would like to have it. Let me know.

thecorrector said...

I have one that needs tagging but not Strength in Numbers - if you have a link for that one I would love to post it here or link it. Peace.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE post Strength in Numbers!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Strength in Numbers found here:

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much.