Saturday, December 20, 2008

Skip Murphy and Company presents Church, Preach, Tabernacle 2006

Good stuff from the 1$ bin. More than Fun = Funny.

1. I'm Serious About Mines (feat. Threats)
2. I'll Fight a Midget
3. Wiggie Wiggie Wiggie
4. Mama Get Off the Phone
5. Church, Preach, Tabernacle
6. Stoop Down
7. What's the Name of That Thing
8. Slap Happy Thang
9. 2 Cool 2 Be Embarrassed
10. Skippy Muffy
11. Fetch Me That Doggy Bone
12. Smokey Gumbo
13. Ever See a One Eye-d Woman Cry
14. Cut That Cake
15. Keep Doing What Ya Doing
16. Big Slammy
17. Okey Dokey Sweetmeat
18. Hang Dangalang
19. Goodie Don't Fail Me Now
20. The Work Song
21. Big Leg Girl Under My Christmas Tree
22. Leroy the Gold Tooth Reindeer
23. Big Bald Head Girl (Christmas Mix Rehearsal)
24. Girl I Don't Trust Yo Lips (Bonus)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! I've been looking for this for the longest! SAM PUTNEY AKA BISHOP Supreme is the mofo on the planet. CHUUUUCH

Now I just need the Daddy Bone mixtapes LOL

"A man who jizz in the cash register, comes in the money"
-Daddy Bone