Sunday, November 23, 2008

Roy Hargrove Quintet - With the Tenors of Our Time 1993

Ron Blake tenor sax = 1, 5 & 6
Roy Hargrove flugelhorn = 2,4, 7 &10

1. - Soppin' the Biscuit feat. Stanley Turrentine
2. - When We Were One feat. Johnny Griffin
3. - Valse Hot feat. Branford Marsalis, Ron Blake (2nd solo)
4. - Once Forgotten feat. Ron Blake, tenor & soprano saxophone
5. - Shade of Jade feat. Joe Henderson
6. Greens at the Chicken Shack feat. Johnny Griffin
7. Never Let Me Go feat. Rodney Whitaker, bass
8. Serenity feat. Joe Henderson
9. Across the Pond feat. Joshua Redman
10 Wild is Love feat. Stanley Turrentine
11. Mental Phrasing feat. Ron Blake, Joshua Redman (2nd solo)
12. April's Fool


TatLawson said...

Thanks for this. I had forgotten how much I really love this album!

MaDuke said...

Hargrove is the best. Ig you get a chance get RH FACTOR by him.