Monday, January 7, 2008

Volume 11

Afro Rican - Sex And Fun
Connie & Amos Larkin III - Rock Me (1986)
Sleeze Boyz - Jump On It
Exodus - Together Forever (Promo) (1982)
Strafe - Set It Off (mixed by Walter Gibbons) (1983)
Kurtis Blow - America
Gucci Crew - And The Beat Goes On
Mc Cool Rock & Mc Chaszey Chess - Creep dog (1987)
Jamie Jupitor - Unreal
Hashim - Chateau vie (rmx)
Def Cut - Street level
Fantasy Three - Summer
Miami Boys - Miami Boys Gettin' Off 1988 (Joey Boy-On Top OT-9001)
High Fidelity Three (Feat Sarah Dash) - Satisfaction


Paul Durango said...

great stuff! i'll swing by here download some nu jack and craz electro..
i just added you to the mailing list from the library emporium..
+ Paul

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unfortunately the link is broken...